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by Frances Robinson

With crystalline eyes of the ancients 
Stargazer glides beyond mortal walls 
Child of the cosmos, keeper of the stars, 
Truth and clarity burst before her! 
Athena's legacy, without chariot or scepter 
Stargazer extends gentle hands, 
Her torch lighting darkened passages 
Illuminating man's finer self.

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Testimonials from Vivian's Clients

Thank you again for teaching me so much today. I can't explain the relief I felt knowing that there was a reason for the chaos. I've never had such an in depth experience and it makes me appreciate how much (and how well) you know your craft. Learning the meaning and mythology of the planets and the aspects gave me a profound sense of "this is truly me, and now it all makes sense." You're inspiring and I hope to one day know half as much as you do about the way the stars affect our lives.
I want to share a heartfelt thanks. And, I will be in touch on a regular basis to make follow-up appointments and check in.

Forever grateful,
D.T., Longwood, Fl.

One of the greatest blessings I've ever known is to have access to a life advisor with such a phenomenal understanding of the workings of the human mind and spirit as well as the universe itself. It continues to astonish me how accurately and intuitively you bring together astrological and psychological truths. These two disciplines combine effortlessly and seamlessly in your capable hands. I have been significantly transformed due to this work and I give great thanks to you from the bottom of my heart, Vivian. You make this planet a better place.

JPH, New York City

"Hi, Vivian,
Thank you for today.  I feel like a huge part of my growth over the last 5 years has been due to your guidance and wisdom.  You really cut through all of the noise to get to the heart of matters and I always come away from our sessions with a better understanding of this thing called life.  It is calming to be able to know that sometimes the teachers in our lives have a more clear picture than what we may see.  As I continue to "come home" to understanding, I continue to be grateful for you.

"Dear Vivian,
I just listened to the audio cassette again.  You are great, Vivian.  You are much more than an astrologer.  To me you are a guiding friend, a very WISE guiding friend....Thank you so much.  I am so grateful that your special Soul/spirit entered my life."

"Dear Vivian,
Thank you so much for sharing your time and gifts with me on Tuesday.  As I reviewed the information you gave me and started to trace back the events of my life, I was really moved by how accurate your reading was.  You clearly possess a gift, accompanied by much knowledge, and I feel very fortunate to have had this opportunity to meet with you.  Thank you so much for everything."

Juli V., teacher, Mooresville, NC

"I wanted to let you know how much you have helped me to move forward in my life as well as to give me a map of how to get there.  It is so comforting to "know" where you are in your life cycle and your guidance and explanation of these cycles is priceless.  So many things that you have been able to forecast for me just unfold in front of my eyes.  Your wisdom, kindness and healing nature always come through when I work with you and that is an awesome combination!"

T. Dodge, Burlington, NC

"Once again I feel that I am operating with a road map. Thanks for your continued friendship and guidance. Last year, all year, I felt I was moving through the year blindfolded and without a map for "getting there". That's what I get when I don't take the time to get in for my annual reading. Just thought I'd share that already I am seeing things surface which came up in my reading last week."

Roselyn Langley, Charlotte, NC
Real estate agent

"Again, Thank You for the wonderful work that you do.  I trust you, Vivian, and know that you aren't out to rip people off.  This is your living and you deserve what you get.  That is why I continue to turn to you and have stuck with you for all these years.  You are a genuine person who cares and wants to help others with a gift and knowledge that you have worked hard to develop and hone over time.  From my brief knowledge of astrology I have seen that one must have brillance beyond belief to be able to understand and interpret the heavens. Continue on, dear lady. You do your job well."

Cindy Varner, Schnecksville, PA
Massage Therapist

"I enjoyed the reading you gave me last week so much, and have been turning it over in my mind ever since.  I have learned so much and feel so much more at peace with the direction that life is taking me!!  I also know more of how I can work with my calling rather than against it.  What a wealth of information to have.  Thank you!"

Leslie, W., Charlotte, NC

 "Vivian has an extraordinary grasp of the ancient art and science of astrology...I always feel empowered and understood after a session with her....I've been a client of Vivian's for more than 10 years and I highly recommend her services."

Julie M., Greenville, TN.
Jewelry artist, writer, website designer


"...It was not simply a "reading"
but a dialogue.  As a result, not only was I stimulated in my thinking, but I
came away energized to undertake difficult tasks.  And I find myself replaying
the tape of our session when I need encouragement to stay focused on what is really important for me."

Karen H., Ph.D., Charlotte, NC
Jungian Analyst


"I have my horoscope read by Vivian once a year.  It is worthwhile because it
helps me plan my year and prepare...for
things ahead.  I do this work with Vivian because I trust her .  I value her intuitive
talent... I have tried other astrologers, ... but I found Vivians's work to be more straightforward and offered in language that I can understand... Most of all, I see Vivian over other astrologers
because her readings of me are consistently "right on"! ( I've seen her for 8 years)

Cheryl S., Olympia, WA
Nurse educator


"Vivian has been my astrologer for almost 30 years.   Vivian is unique because she combines her counseling skills with her accurate readings.  She opens my mind to new possibilities and options as she interprets aspects and new energies coming into my life.  She expresses compassion and concern as she validates why I may be experiencing stressful events, and discusses alternatives on how to change my reactions.  I consider Vivian more than an astrologer.  She has become a trusted friend."

Patti N., Washington DC
FDIC accountant

  "You have hit the nail on the head a number of times..........Thank you for helping me keep the faith when it seems all that was around me, were deep, large potholes and thick, high obstacles."
Sandra M., Calgary, Canada

"It has been quite amazing to see how the reading you gave me last April has unfolded in front of me!  Thank you!"

Kim G., Hawaii
Health care consultant

"I left your office feeling very positive about the future - thank you for being so encouraging!!.....I am sending a good
 friend to see you next week."
Susan S., Charlotte NC

"I appreciate the time you took with my reading ... I have listened to the tape over the past 36 hrs and I am touched by your generosity and kindness and humor. I am deeply moved at how sensitive you were in your interpretation, I'd like to 'meet' with you, no matter where I am, within the year.  Thank you."
Tracy R., Charlotte, NC
Graduate student


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 Experiencing life transition? Vivian Carol is available for private appointments from any location by phone or locally in the Charlotte, NC office. All readings are personal and individual. A tape recording of the consultation will be mailed to you. Please have your date, time and place of birth handy when you call or write. (Seedetails and costs.

Telephone: (704) 366-3777 

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1801 East 5th St, Suite 102
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