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(704) 366-3777 

Vivian Carol, RN,
N.C. Licensed Professional Counselor
1801 East 5th St, Suite 102
Charlotte, NC 28204

Vivian's Logo

Vivian Carol offers a range of professional astrology services, including horoscope readings and personal consultations. To better meet the needs of her clients, Vivian offers specialized consultations that fit the needs of most budgets.

Personal astrological services could be the remedy you need if you are looking for insight about major life events, such as a career or relationship change. You might seek an astrological consultation for more information about where your education and career should be directed.   Some need it to help unblock memories from their youth.

  Many people simply use it as a guide to self improvement and to more fully understand their purpose and place in life. A consultation can help guide you in the right direction, while helping you discover your true motivations and ambitions.

If you are interested in scheduling a consultation, please call or email Vivian today.

Vivian Carol is available
for private appointments from any location by phone or locally in the Charlotte, NC office. All readings are personal and individual. Tape recording or MP3's are available in person or by phone consultation.  Those who wish may bring their MP3 recorders to the office.   An audio tape recorder is on site.


1.  Choose your desired service.  (See the descriptions    below.)

2.   Email or call Vivian for an appointment time. (Click on "Email Vivian" in the left column.)

3.   Arrange for payment according to your choice:
 check, Pay Pal, Visa, Mastercard and others accepted.   Vivian will send you a secure invoice via PayPal to make this easy.

Of course, checks  or cash are acceptable.

4.  Insurance coverage may be available to those who choose to pursue individual counseling.  Check your health insurance policy for "outpatient behavioral health."   See About Vivian Carol for her credentials in counseling.  For more information on counseling, see the  Vivian Carol  website.
Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

Telephone: (704) 366-3777 

Click on the service that interests you for details and costs.   If you don't see what you wanted, call or send an email and ask.


*Full Service Individual Progressed Horoscope (This is the most frequently chosen by new clients.)   $171--$175

Individual Progressed Horoscope for the Budget-Conscious    $131--$135

Natal Horoscope for Adults
( For the skeptical querent)    $101--$105

Relationship and Horoscope Comparison $120--$155

Counseling with Astrology $90/ hour

Psychotherapy Consultation $170--$175

Natal Horoscope for Infants and Children  ( A delightful "new baby" gift) $101-- $105

Classes/Private Instruction  $80/hr

If YOU are experiencing any of the following circumstances, consider an Astrological consultation. You will be amazed at the insight you will gain.

* Significant personal transitions in career, relationships or education;

* Blocked from memories of childhood or youth; 

* Out of touch with personal inspiration and/or sense of purpose;

* Searching for stronger self-definition and grasp of deep motivations;

* Impasse in life situation;

* Impeded in psychotherapy.