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The Journey (Lost Cartographer)


Patty Davis, Waynesville, NC


Who am I now?

What do I want?

Thundering questions

leave me gasping helplessly.


As a horse-girl teen, a young

mom following career husband, 

divorcee, seeker, teacher, retired

gray-hair, again and again

these searing questions pop up.

Again & again I must explore

for answers.  You can’t tell me.

 I can’t borrow your map. 

All I have learned of myself,

how to nestle peace in my heart,

means nothing to you. 

You must follow your own road,

make your own map.


So grab your hiking boots, 

your parchment and quill,

get out there.  Sweat, cry, dig.

Write your map with your blood.

Oct 22--Oct 28, 2014

Scorpio  Special  (Birthdates of Sep 22 -- Oct 22)

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For All Signs  (weekly changes):
Oct 22 -- Oct 28, 2014

This week begins with the New Moon eclipse in the sign of Scorpio on the 23rd at 5:10 pm EDT.  Scorpio is a sign of shared resources.  These include money, time, and energy that we share with one or more people.  The stock market, NATO, banks, insurance, and the IRS are under the auspices of Scorpio.  On a more personal level, alimony, child custody, debts, loans, and the lawnmower we share with the next door neighbor are covered by Scorpio.  A New Moon suggests new starts and beginnings.  Potentially there will be new plans on the globe to share resources among countries.  Since this eclipse is at 0 degrees, whatever starts in this department may be fresh and untried in the past, subject to change in the future.   It is interesting that Mercury turns direct on Oct. 25 this week, suggesting changes in the new plans we make at this time.

General Commentary:

Oct 8, 2014
The world is in trouble on multiple fronts.  It seems that rather than choosing a "higher" path, people are succumbing to war, hysteria, and making a grab for whatever they can before.....
This is not a pretty picture and it looks seriously worse over the next 6 months.  Revolutions are likely anywhere at all.
The global economic system may be teetering for a crash soon.  Please see an advisor and/or take notes of suggestions I made on Feb. 26, below.

Sep 3, 2014
I believe we are standing in the foothills of the next WW based upon the events of last week in multiple places.  Rationality and negotiating seems to be a lost cause in those areas that are hotbeds.  And there are so many fires that the world system cannot contain them in my opinion.  The geopolitical and socioeconomic  structures are so weakened that the slightest  event could begin crumbling the pillars.  In that sense, it resembles the time just before WWI.  The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand was the kickoff.

I would like to emphasize that I am not speaking here of armageddon, so don't panic. That won't help you.   Mainly one or more of our established structures will have the pins pulled out.  We've operated on fiat (promissory notes) for well over  the historic  time boundary of 40 years.  In other countries banks fail and then expected maintenance services cannot happen because cities/counties cannot pay salaries and upkeep.  It could grow from there outward.   Many  of  the US cities are  bankrupt right now.

For those of us here in the foxholes, our best bet at this time is to prepare for an onslaught of economic crises worldwide.  Please check the article below from Feb. 26 for suggestions about measures you can take to fortify your personal foxhole.  If I am wrong, you won't have lost anything.  The one thing I would retract on that article today is that it is now understood why the stock market has been riding high.  It is being pumped by the Fed. Reserve.  Unbelievable!

(I base my opinions on what I read about the state of things today, plus what I know is heralded among the planets to follow.  We have 5 to 10 rough years ahead.  Resources of any type may be challenging to acquire.)

Aug 6, 2014
All the news at this time has only fortified my expectation of a huge financial crisis in Q4 of 2014 and Q1 of 2015.  Please see July 9 and Feb. 26 articles.

July 9, 2014
Multiple countries, too numerous to mention, have made separate trading deals with Russia/China.  That means they are trading without using the American dollar.  Very soon this will lead to the devaluation of the dollar and I anticipate that will be on our heels before the end of this year.  Please read my comments below about what we might do to protect ourselves.  Please see my blog from Feb. 26 for suggestions.

June 18, 2014
The recent Uranus/Pluto square has broken loose the forces for multiple wars.  Right this minute Mercury is retrograde, so an outsider to the middle East cannot possibly make a clear decision and follow through with it.  The struggle is a religious/civil war from the day of Muhammed's death and we don't belong in that pile-up.  I hope Obama does not make a move at all.  We will be fortunate if we can hold onto our allies in Europe, now that the Russians have cut off their gas supplies.  Europe may need to cozy up with the Russians in order to regain their energy.  Meanwhile, Mercury is retrograde and very little peace can be accomplished.

June 4, 2014

I am now hearing from stateside clients that Americans overseas are having their accounts closed.  Although they are given a check for the sum of the account, they no longer have a means (other than cash) to spend it.  It will have to come "home".  See May 21 comment below.

May 21, 2014
No one has declared "war", but it is happening all over the world.  The most recent square of Uranus/Pluto (end April) has opened some major boils.  The US may be the strongest military power on the globe, but those who look to take us down are working on other methods:  internet and economic.  They have been laying the groundwork for months and if you don't see/hear it in the media, that is only because "they" don't want us to understand and therefore panic.  These statements will not make a popular columnist of me, but I must write the truth as I perceive it.  On July 1, a nifty little law created in 2010 (FATCA) to force all banks and institutions worldover to report American money to the IRS takes place.  Now all these banks in all these countries are not likely to change their systems to accommodate the United States IRS.  Their alternative is to no longer deal with the American Dollar, which is what I believe will happen.  That probably can't be done overnight, but I think it could be complete in most countries by the end of 2014.  Dollars will become non-acceptable forms of payment and no bank is likely to want to hold American dollars.  If you plan to travel, exchange money before you leave this country.

May 12, 2014
I want to refer you again to my commentary of Feb 26 .  The dollar is in trouble throughout the world, but much of this is not reported on the mainstream media.  Many countries are making separate agreements to avoid the use of the dollar in trades.  There is increasing pressure on the IMF (International Monetary Fund) to change the status of World Currency to another country.  As soon as one looks viable, the change will probably be made and overnight the benefits of our World Currency status will become obvious to Main Street.

For suggestions, please see below on the Feb 26 notes.

April 9, 2014
Well, we are already in pretty deep trouble now (see Note on April 2), the type that could be set into an explosion by a single match.  I am truly concerned at the US retaliation at Russia.  We're doing it one more time....stepping into someone else's back yard and throwing threats around.  Bullying is not allowed during these months.  Mars will be returning the boomerang soon.

Beyond challenges in the Ukraine, I have to comment on the sheer insanity of the recent Supreme Court ruling which removed the lid on anyone's political donation.   They are throwing one bad decision after another (Jan., 2010) here.  The 1st amendment was never in trouble until the S.C. decided that corporations are people.  The only way I could accept the new ruling as sane is if their families are being threatened or if they are paid an incredible amount of money and benefits to eliminate the pretense of democracy in this country.  And even under these two conditions, the choice is still a major travesty in my opinion.  I thought the same after the 2010 decision "Citizens United."  Our democratic way of life is now thrown under the bus as we watch the very wealthy buy every open slot in Congress, and beyond that.  They have added fuel to a probable upcoming revolution.

Published April 2, 2014
April is loaded with challenging aspects.  These are the kind that make things happen, for good or ill.  The first four weeks (beginning on Wednesdays) we have planets aggravating the ongoing Uranus/Pluto squares. 
The archetypal battle in the sky is among Power, versus Social Justice, vs. the sovereign rights of the individual.  This is symbolic of the birth of the Aquarian Age.  It is a quarrel that will last for much of this decade at multiple levels.  If you pay attention, you will see it in the news, perhaps in your neighborhood or job, and also inside your own head.  The signs most affected at this time are:  Aries, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn and Leo.  Many are trying to deal with things or people that just don’t make sense or won’t come together and flow as they “should”.  We must elevate our perspectives so we can see a divine purpose at work.  Instead of doing battle, we need to be seeing our similarities rather than our differences.

March 25, 2014
As I wrote last week, "
Mar 20th brings us the spring equinox, the time of symbolic renewal of all things, spiritual, emotional and mental."  In recent years there has been at least one major disaster near the spring equinox.  This year we have already begun with Putin's magical acquisition of Crimea.  Now he is voted out of the international club because he doesn't follow the rules.  This has set up an ominous dilemma in which every country that deals with Russia or the US must determine which side they will choose.  Dualism is dangerous territory because it creates a scenario of "we" (the good ones) versus "them" (the evil ones).  And that sets us up for a world war.

March 6, 2014 
.........................On the way to Big Brother!
The two largest Internet Service Providers are planning a merger.  This is catastrophic for the Internet.  Comcast and Time Warner combined will have control over access for the majority of households in this country.    They can suppress anything they want to.  Recently Comcast forced Netflix to pay a huge figure, just so their customers could get downloads to their TV's.  These two companies merged can also force major price increases for access.  Please see the following link for more information and to use your voice to stop this travesty.  Sign petitions or donate to the cause.

  (Feb. 26, 2014)
The stock markets are riding too high on no particularly favorable information. 
This year is truly dangerous for the economy worldwide.  The circumstances are ripe for sudden breakdowns, and some have already occurred.  Over the next five years, I predict a major overhaul of the financial institutions that we have known all our lives.   In the final picture something better will emerge, but not for several years.  I've been concerned about 2014 and 2015 because the Uranus/Pluto squares reach a pinnacle of volatility during this period, particularly in the second and also the last quarter of 2014.  That one overflows into 2015.

Stock up on items necessary for living.   The crises could go on for two years, in one part of the globe or another.  At present no country is dealing with real money.  Fiat has been shown to last no more than 40 years and in the USA we are beginning our 43rd year of fiat.  It is hubris to believe we can push the promisory notes much beyond where we are.  For the next two years, anything could happen on the economic front.  We might explode into hyperinflation, in which case you need the metals.  Or we could dive into deflation, which makes cash more valuable.  Don't be complacent.  Choose pro-action rather than re-action.  Don't wait to make decisions in a panic scenario.  Make some protective financial decisions now and ride out the storm of upcoming changes.  The fewer people in panic mode, the better for the soul of the world.

I encourage you to hold some ready cash in case the banks have a "holiday".  And hold some physical silver or gold in case the fiat cash crashes.  If you have a significant amount of money in a  bank, split it and send a good portion to a new account with a credit union or find somewhere else to store it.  The FDIC (that is, the "Feds") can't possibly insure us if a major economic collapse occurs.  They have no real money and are not on solid ground.  That insurance is meant only to protect depositors if one or two banks fail.

"Bail-ins" have become acceptable alternatives for financial institutions that are desperate and the US gov't. could do the same.  Retirement accounts have been taken in other countries when their governments are losing power and scrabbling for a foothold.  Do we dare assume that "can't happen here"?

The point is that we each need to prepare for trouble, while praying it willl not happen.  We need to protect ourselves and our families, and also prepare to help a few more people if need be.  And...if none of the above actually occurs, we will have saved some money and caused no harm.

Sep 4, 2013  Syria
The US horoscope has advised against taking the initiative in attacking anyone since 2005 and this horoscopic fact will exist until we have a new "corporation" of states.   We have lost our warrior power and it will remain so.  It is very sad to me that the Hawkish Congressmen do not understand that intuitively.

Any attack initiated by the US will cost us plenty and yield very little for centuries in the future.  How many lives will it cost us to really understand that?

Aug 28, 2013
There are political and economic warning signs all around the US and throughout the world.  These days even very large banks will not allow customers with personal savings accounts to withdraw over 2K at the counter.  We have to make arrangements in advance and it requires several days to accomplish such a transaction.  This is due to the Fed and fractional reserve banking which is now the norm.  Our savings accounts are there only on paper.  So take this fact into account when you plan for potential emergencies.  You are probably not as "liquid" as you believe.

July 24, 2013

I received some email after the commentary I wrote last week.  I want to make it very clear that I am in favor of women's rights, period.  No if's, and's, or but's about it.  The point that I want to make is that do-nothing politicians, whether at the federal or state level, are creating a stink about this issue which was put to bed in the 60's.  In my opinion, not a one of them actually care about what women do with their bodies.  They just want to create a smokescreen and blow their horns  so they can upset people and take the spotlight off the fact that they are doing absolutely nothing about the real issues we have in this country.   Budget deficits and job shortage are the real problems.  Whether or not a woman can have an abortion is a totally moot point.  Many of the tea partiers are also hot to go to war again in the Middle East.  That sends live young people to their deaths, not to mention countless accidental civilians.  How on earth can these people refuse to recognize the insanity of saving neonates while sending young people to war?I

July 17, 2013
I hope you will excuse my temper.  However, I have heard just about all I can stand about abortions, eliminating birth control, and generally derailing all the progress that has been made on women's rights since the mid 60's.  The whole thing is a total scam.  It appears that we the people are supposed to blame all the country's troubles on the fact that women have grown beyond pregnant and barefoot.  It is a travesty that all of congress is thrown into a tailspin over these issues.  The whole thing is a contrived "straw man", intended to keep us from noticing that Congress as a whole, is doing nothing at all of importance.  What woman,  I ask you, got an abortion and caused all these troubles?

July 10, 2013

Please see my note from April 24, 2013, on the topic of the first stage of a revolution.  The 2nd stage is that intellectuals begin to present a negative view of those in power.  Because the rulers have made themselves unavailable to the populace, there is a slow, but usually increasing, anger among the people fanned by those who are good communicators.  The People listen and begin to yell for improvements.  This is happening now all over the country.  Regular people are being drawn into demonstrations and signing petitions.   I am not suggesting they are wrong  in these circumstances.  I merely  observe and report the pattern as it develops.

You might notice the current revolutionary pattern in Egypt.  They are much further ahead of the US.  They deposed the original ruler, and democratically elected another one.  In the model, the newly installed leader is dealing with outmoded systems and cannot manage to make changes quickly enough to suit the people.  So now after only one year, the army is "rescuing" the people until a new leader is installed.  This will allow the noisiest and most violent revolutionarys time to take control.   Next comes a reign of terror.

June 26, 2013
I never expected to feel compelled to write a note every week.  This summer is destructive indeed.  No doubt you know about the Supreme Court decision (of yesterday) to strike Section 5 of the powerful civil rights legislation of 1965.  This act leaves the door wide open for any state, for any reason, to create laws restricting voting rights for whomever they please.  This allows for profound injustice at the polls that would take years to fight in a court of law.

It is as horrendous as the Citizen's United decision in 2010, that has made it possible for any corporate body to spend as much as they want to support whomever they want in office.  That one essentially takes away the power of individual's vote.  Now, in addition, we have an attack on our Civil Rights legislation.  I was suspicious in 2010, but now there is more evidence to me that someone is paying these judges to make such incredibly shameful decisions.  Or maybe their families are threatened by the powerful corporate Powers That Be.  Whatever the causes of these travesties, it appears to me that the world has gone nuts.

June 19, 2013
It appears that we have finally reached the point where "1984" , "Animal Farm," and "Brave New World" collide.  Drones, governments spying on their own citizens, a do-nothing Congress, and an incredibly dangerous fiscal situation, all in one great stew.  At the present, in the sky war between Pluto (Powers, Plutocrats) and Uranus (the People, Social Justice), it appears the Plutocrats have it.  However, there are three more rounds by the end of 2014.  One of these might bring about some kind of People's Revolution. 

June 12, 2013
( Copied from note on 6-25-12 because China has added multiple new links in its economic chain.  This will ultimately become an economic disaster for the US and little is reported about it.)
It is extremely clear to those who study current economics that China is eventually going to earn the world reserve currency title.  The USA has held it since before the end of WWII.  Most people are unaware of its value.  This gives us all kinds of privileges and allows us to have imported goods more inexpensively than other countries.   It also allows our central bank to order printing of dollars whenever needed.  However,  countries all around the world  are setting up their own financial arrangements among themselves.  The dollar will become unnecessary for trade.   To date, China has made trade agreements with  Russia, Japan, India, Iran and Brazil.  There are 15 other countries that are also playing the swap game with China.   It is China's intention to bury  the power of the dollar.  That was an announcement made by the Chinese at the beginning of 2012.  They have also unloaded as much  Treasury debt to other countries as they can.  Meanwhile they are buying gold by the tonnes.   It will not be long before China's renminbi will be acclaimed as the world reserve currency.  This is likely to happen as soon as China can back their currency with gold.

Apr 24, 2013
Historians know that the beginning stage of a revolution is characterized by a ruling class that takes the wealth of the people and then withdraws to a point that the people cannot "reach" them.  I make note that although it is said that 90% of the public wanted background checks on people who buy guns, the Senate had cold feet due to the NRA's threats and would not pass legislation to make this happen. 

Apr. 2, 2013 (update on Cypress)
The financial news has already created a verb called "cypressed", which means a bank in which the depositors have to pay for the bailout.  One might think it "impossible" in the US, however, I have read that "desperate governments will do desperate things."  Fiat has always collapsed eventually throughout history and we are way overdue.  Take care of yourself and your families.

 (Mar. 20, 2013)  Financial News
The Republic of Cypress (an eastern Mediterranean Island) requested a bailout from the European Union last week.  The answer from the EU was that they would bail as requested, if every depositor in every bank paid a tax.  The lowest tax is to be 6.75%, while the highest would be roughly 9.9%.  This is a tax on deposited money and is essentially a theft from people who have personal money.  The jury is still out today on whether Cypress will accept.  It is bankrupt and the banks have gone "on holiday" this week.  Much could be said about this event.   Among other things, if they do accept this "tax",  it is likely to trigger bank runs all over the EU, which will spread elsewhere.  It is possible that this incident in tiny Cypress is the trigger that could bring the whole global house of cards to its knees.  The entire world is operating on fiat currency that only works as long as it is believed by the people.  When the rules break down, distrust spreads like hot lava.  And taxing bank deposits is totally against the "rules".

Here is the astrology that causes me to really think about this episode.  We are still under siege with the Uranus/Pluto squares that cover the 5 years from 2011 -- 2015.  The next exact aspect occurs this May but the planets are currently in orb.  The Spring Equinox is today and since the big squares began in 2011, this equinox has been the herald of serious events, all of which occur in April/May.

I am not an expert in the financial world, but I do read experts from a variety of sources.  I've read countless times that if the EU fails, the same will occur very rapidly around the world.  The reason is that the central banks worldwide are interlinked.  At present the US (which is the only country that can print its money in order to pay debt) is sustaining the European banks with the Fed's "qualitative easing" trick.  (See the next note on what to do.)

We all feel a great sadness concerning the senseless loss of the Connecticut school children on 12-14-2012.  Personally I wish a change in gun legislation would make it illegal to own repeating weapons, but I feel certain the NRA lobby will fight such a thing to the death.  In my ideal world we would have much less violence in the media, including the video games.  As things stand, "murder" means very little.  Every week the show starts again with new targets.  Violent media is disrespectful of human life altogether.

The Dubai Internet Conference
The closure on the Internet Conference occurred on 12-20-2012.  The results were disheartening to say the least.  The US, the UK, and Canada opposed the entire list of agreements, lest it seem that we are accepting the right of international governance.  We did not vote in favor, but the UN adopted the agreements as written, thereby making it legal for any country to censure the internet.  The US remains open for further discussion.

In my opinion, this development is a genuine, serious blow to the one thing that has been truly global.  All I can say is that daily the "1984" model of the world is growing, like a cancer.  That is scary indeed.

(12-5-2012) Dubai internet Conference

On this date a major meeting is being held in Dubai by multiple world governments on the topic of the internet.  Should it be under control of governments or left as a free agent?  Controlling governments believe each country should make its own choice.  Personally, I believe the internet is the only truly Aquarian institution we have, representing freedom for all.  We may not like everything we see or read, but given the increase in authoritarian governments in this world, we need to be noisy about maintaining the internet's free speech policy.  Allowing individual governments to tie up their people's access is a travesty that we must challenge.  The only one world institution is the internet and it must be protected as sacred.

  It is interesting that the Congressional House is now attempting to unravel that multitude of errors that were made at MF Global.  It seems everyone is pointing at everyone else.  The suspects are:   The Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the Securities and Exchange Commission,  the former chief executive, Jon Corzine, inability of the regulators to coordinate their actions, and the Federal Reserve Bank of NY.  Obviously, no one at MF Global, including its chief executive, has been accused of wrongdoing.  (See below on 8-20)

(8-20-12) I am totally shocked at the fact that somehow the investigation of the misused one billion dollars at MF Global has been dropped.  I read that the paper trail is so clear that it cannot have been mistaken.  They tanked the entire economy by shorting housing, even as they promoted buys to their customers.  A more flagrant case of fraud could not exist than this.  This is a pretty scary example of the graft of government.  I wonder how much the investigators were paid to drop this subject.

There are so many notable things happening that there is hardly the space to point it all out.  It is extremely clear to those who study current economics that China is eventually going to earn the world reserve currency title.  The USA has held it since before the end of WWII.  This gives us all kinds of privileges and allows us to have imported goods more inexpensively than other countries.   It also allows our central bank to order printing of dollars whenever needed.  However,  countries all around the world  are setting up their own financial arrangements among them.  The dollar will become unnecessary for trade.   To date, China has made trade agreements with  Russia, Japan, India, Iran and Brazil.  There are 15 other countries that are also playing the swap game with China.   It is China's intention to bury  the power of the dollar.  That was an announcement made by the Chinese at the beginning of this year.  They have also unloaded as much  Treasury debt to other countries as they can.  Meanwhile they are buying gold by the tonnes.   It will not be long before China's renminbi will be acclaimed as the world reserve currency.  This is likely to happen as soon as China can back their currency with gold.

(June 5, 2012)
I am not an expert, but I do read several expert's advice on the subject of the economy.  This is the time to buy precious metals.  There is so much teetering in the world economically that the dominoes could drop rapidly.  Then look at other investments that have intrinsic value, such as land..

(May 31, 2012)
There are signs of a movement to change the Citizens United Supreme Court verdict of Jan. '10.  The Supreme Courts in both Montana and Vermont have declared this ruling unconstitutional.  Several other states are working toward following suit.  In case you are unaware, this is the Supreme Court ruling which declared that "corporations are people too" which resulted in the unleashing of the SuperPacs onto the American public.  The Independent Senator Bernie Sanders has proposed a constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court's ruling.  This is not yet a major grassroots movement, but the seeds are planted and beginning to spread.

 (May 21, 2012)  I am pleased to report that NY Federal Judge Forrest ruled that "indefinite detention" is in violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution.  Bravo!  This is a supreme example of the Uranus/Pluto square in which the people win.  This year's NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) declared that  anyone could be taken into custody without access to an attorney or due process.  The law is so vaguely worded that it could easily be interpreted to include journalists or activists.  The big picture is that for the next four years we have multiple squares (tensions) between Uranus (social equality) and Pluto (major powers, corps, and huge sums of money.  On this particular suit, the public's rights are returned.

 (Apr 18, 2012)
It is definitely worthy of note that Iran has been engaged in important meetings about nuclear energy with the P5 + 1.  This includes Russia, China, France, Britain, the US, and Germany.  This is the third of a series and Turkey was the host.  However, this time Iran refused to speak to the US, in spite of several requests from the US to attend.  I can't imagine why not, given our treatment of Iran over the years, up to and including now.  Additional talks are scheduled the end of May and Iran calls for the western nations to drop their sanctions before that time.  One must wonder if the real reason behind the sanctions has more to do with access to oil than claims of nuclear weaponry.

 (Mar 5, 2012)  I hope all the females who read this column are paying attention to the outrageous bills being slipped through Congress at both federal and state levels.  Join to get emails about what is being said about all of us Venus types.  The only protection we have is to make a loud noise (via e-mails, TC's) of complaint.  Some of the bad bills have been withdrawn because of our noise.  The individual states are also passing bills and laws that are anti-choice.  Join the other women in this country and fight it.  You may not want to take the far right seriously, but they are doing major damage to the freedom of women in this country.

 (Feb 8, 2012) 
Unfortunately, it appears to me at this time  that our elected leaders are refusing to deal with the elephant in the living room.  They want to talk about abortion rights, whether insurance should pay for birth control, and spend countless hours questioning whether or not gay people should have the same rights as others.  The extremist energy seems to want to recreate the 1950’s, when only WASPS (White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestants) had hope for making progress in this country.  Major issues related to the US Federal debt are tossed around like a hot potato, while legislation is presented concerning abortion rights, of all things.  That one was put to bed a long time ago.  It’s a straw man.  However, it stirs people up and keeps us from noticing that our leaders are unable to do their jobs.  Do not allow your civil rights to be dismantled.  If you have feelings about these matters, sign petitions, and make phone calls to your congressmen.

"Class Wars" are in full swing in this country.  There is considerable pressure to maintain non-violent positions and for that we can be grateful.  However, I am uncomfortable because we are only at the very beginning of the Class Wars.  The saga will continue through 2015, if not beyond.  The Powers that Be are becoming increasingly less related to the people and this is what ultimately causes violence.

In Oct. 2012,  Saturn moves into the sign of Scorpio through the end of 2014.  During the two years that it is in that territory, aspects indicate that there will be a mass movement of wealth toward the direction of the plutocrats in the world.   It is entirely possible that the IMF/UN suggestion of replacing the world reserve currency could happen .  Or perhaps we will be forced to succumb to the Global Dollar that has been discussed in other places.  Either of these scenarios could create major rebellion of the have-nots, as I have described below in the section on "Class Wars".  Another probable outcome of this Saturn change is a largely Republican Congress and President to be elected in Nov. of 2012.

(Just in case you are not aware, what we call the Federal Reserve is merely a super-bank, owned and managed without real oversight by the huge money families in the world.  It is not entirely  an arm of the US government, as we the people are led to believe.  Most of the world's countries also have a "Central Bank" which operates independently of the government.  The same families are the controlling owners in most of these central banks worldwide and therefore of the world's monetary systems.)

(1-11-11)  Hate mongering comes under the category of "class wars" in my opinion.  "We" have the "right" answers.  Any of those who don't agree need to be vaporized by whatever means available.  There are few media publications that even question the hostile approach made by many politicians and other public communicators.  This angry attitude promotes a "we versus them" emotional environment in the country, making a perfect imitation of a class war.  Is it no wonder that mentally deranged individuals pick up on this attitude and feel justified in committing senseless violence?    Many are exploiting and captivating public attention with hateful, demonic ideas. 
It is a tragedy that few people of general sanity are attempting to halt this intense runaway train of uncivilized  thought.

This is the way the 3rd Reich began, which culminated in Auschwitz.  Come on, world.  Humankind has known for centuries that hate generates more intense hatred which generates wars on every level.  As individuals it is imperative that we speak out on this topic and challenge any orator who is promoting such violent drivel.  If you read this rhetoric, write a letter to the editor or the owner of the publication.  If you hear it in the streets, call the demon by its name of hate mongering.  We have a supreme responsibility to avoid the passivity that allowed the 3rd Reich to flourish.   We must recognize that there are many unbalanced individuals in our world who buy the drama and then feel compelled to make it happen.

Astrologically we are heavily involved in what has been known as the "depression T square."  It was recreated in 2008 and will be with us through 2015.  Keep in mind that the financial despair during the 30's created the political and social environment that allowed Hitler to peg the Jews as the cause of  all mankind's troubles.  German civilians were passive for too long and Hitler had control before they  knew how violent he was to become.  Such atrocities could happen again.

(Update 8-9-10)  We are now beginning to see the literal consequences of the Supreme Court decision (see below) which allows corporate bodies the "right" to 1st Amendment freedoms.  Therefore a corporation may donate any amount to candidates for public office.  I predict this a first step toward effective elimination of any impact the voter on the street might hope to accomplish by going to the poles.  The actual, open news that affords my observation is the revelation that both Target and Best Buy have given significant contributions to a far right candidate for the upcoming Minnesota gubernatorial election .  The man has extremist values that would cause most of us in the middle to cringe.  If we actually have this information about two corporations, then there are probably 10 or more that have managed to keep their contributions out of the public eye.  I have read, but not verified, that Congress is working on legislation that would allow protection of corporations from disclosing contributions.

(Revised, 2-8-10)
1-25-10  Uranus and Pluto will be squaring multiple times between 2012 and 2015. At this time they are within orb and the energies are beginning to show.   I sense that will represent "class wars."  I have wondered what a class war would look like in this country.  I believe we are seeing the front end of the struggle between the 'haves' and the 'have-nots' already.   The general public in recent decades has had some kind of hope of moving to higher stature.  That is why we have not made a stand against the ongoing ruling, wealthy class.  Maybe one or two of us could get there in such a fine capitalist economy.  But what I see now is that the chips are stacking up heavily against hope for the little guy.    For one thing, the middle class is vanishing.  It has been decreasing rapidly for a decade.  Each recession has been followed by a "jobless recovery," as it appears this one is too.

 I see that the Supreme Court declares that corporations are people too, and thus entitled to the rights granted by the First Amendment.  I am thoroughly shocked that the Supreme Court made such a theoretical ruling, ignoring the very real and practical consequences of this decision.  Personally, I do not perceive corporations as "people."  The individuals in corporations already have their personal right to the First Amendment.   I am no lawyer, but I believe that should be quite enough "rights".  It feels a lot like allowing certain people multiple votes on political issues, if they can pay big enough bucks for it.  For those who are unaware, last week's Supreme Court decision fell right into a major 10 year plan of one James Bopp, Jr., an attorney from the far right.  The next step in his plan is to  press the Supreme Court to allow campaign contributions in any amount, and with total secrecy.  Please see the NY Times for the story:

Seasonal Story:  Cosmic Message

The message in the sky calls us to break from living out the tired old dramas.  If we are to save our world we need to change paradigms.  Taking revenge for past wrongs is not a cool thing to do.  Neither is acting out the same old creaking stories of the battle between the sexes, or letting warriors rule the planet just because they are louder than peacemakers.  Any thinking person would have to agree that continuing our warring history in the same way will not accomplish anything better than what we've got:  a circus of a world that is trapped in constant replay.  Each of us can choose a better option for whatever is happening personally.  We do not have to be in replay mode forever.  If you can think of nothing new or better to do about an issue, hold the question in mind before you go to sleep and ask for the answer--expect it to be there.  A fresh and improved version of dealing will be available for evaluation in the morning.  If we simply refuse to play the same old tapes, the mind will come up with a better solution.  Our minds are naturally lazy and will keep reproducing the same scenarios unless we demand that it reinvent answers.



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